07 February 2017

Welcome to our new recruits and expansions are a foot.

2017 has started with a bang as we embark on the largest ever intake of new graduates that Nordoff Robbins has seen. 

Welcome aboard to the newest members to join the Nordoff Robbins family. Rachel Mackay, Greg Lourey, Laura Spedding, Jack Thomas, Cath Stoodley and Anita Connell are the latest graduates from the University of Western Sydney's Master of Creative Music Therapy.

Nordoff Robbins CEO, Belinda Leonard said - "I am so excited to welcome such a talented group of people to the team. There is so much to accomplish in 2017 and to have these guys onboard gives us the capacity to deliver new programs to our existing and newest locations. We have seen an 80% increase in clients compared to the same time last year."

And speaking of new locations, we are proud to announce a new clinic will be opening in the Penrith CBD this week. This new location allows us to take on more clients and deliver more programs to the Penrith and surrounding communities. We will also be opening a brand new clinic in The Hills District in April this year. We will be running the rooms 5 days a week. Exciting times ahead.

Of course a new facility and increased programs comes with it's own challenges to ensure we have the equipment required to deliver life changing music therapy. If you would like to help us to ensure the success of our programs, you can donate HERE.

Once again welcome to our newest graduates and here's to a year full of high notes.   




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Welcome to our new recruits and expansions are a foot.

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