Helping people reach their full potential is our reason for being

At the core of everything we do is a belief that regardless of a person’s age, situation or capability, they deserve the chance to live a positive, fulfilling life. At Noro, we know from deep experience that music has the power to change lives for the better, and that we have a responsibility to provide this opportunity to support and benefit as many people as we can.

Music Therapy is for everyone

We provide a wide range of Music Therapy and community programs to help people of all ages and circumstances to get the most from life. Whether it’s one-to-one sessions in our clinics or virtual program delivery, our clients can always access the benefits that Music Therapy brings.

Committed to making a difference


Our aspiration is to give Music Therapy the home it deserves

Noro is undertaking a feasibility study on developing a purpose-built Centre of Excellence, with modern facilities, more session rooms, a performance space and better accessibility.

Watch this space.