Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Australia is an inspirational, not-for-profit organisation providing Clinical Music Therapy and Community Music Programs. We deliver outstanding health outcomes for our clients and transform their lives through music.


Our network of highly trained and accredited music therapists works with people of all ages and with a wide range of abilities and conditions. We deliver thousands of music therapy sessions per year in (aged) care homes, community settings, hospitals, (special needs) schools, disability organisations and our own centres. We also offer a rich diversity of workshops and professional supervision/education forums.

Through music we can help to:
• Improve physical health and ability
• Address emotional and behavioural difficulties
• Develop communication and social skills
• Increase creativity, self-esteem and confidence


At the heart of Creative Music Therapy is the belief that there is an inborn musicality residing in every human being that can be activated in the service of personal growth and development. It is out of our innate responsiveness to music that music therapy arises. Creative Music Therapy was developed as a therapeutic approach in which practitioners are trained in assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of clinical programs.


Our work originated from the tradition of using live musical interaction to engage clients in their own growth and development. This approach, known as Creative Music Therapy was pioneered by Paul Nordoff and Clive Robbins in the 1960s and 1970s – they used improvisation to help children with physical or mental illness, disabilities or emotional distress to relate and communicate through music.

Enid Rowe established the first delivery of Nordoff-Robbins in Australia in 1978 and worked tirelessly to establish Nordoff-Robbins, culminating in Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Australia being founded in 1984 to further promote and develop the understanding, training and practice of creative music therapy.
In 1993, Robin Howat, a London trained music therapist, moved to Sydney to establish a training course, which ultimately evolved into the MCMT program currently run in conjunction with Western Sydney University.
With the support of the Golden Stave Foundation the Golden Stave Music Therapy Centre was opened in 2001 on the Kingswood Campus of Western Sydney University.  It remains the only purpose-built music therapy centre in Australia, and indeed the Southern Hemisphere.
We remain grateful for the work that Enid, Robin, The Golden Stave Foundation and our many supporters contributed to allow us to assist so many people with transformational music therapy programs.
Incorporated in 1997, we are proud to be part of a global network of Nordoff-Robbins practices and training programs.

Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Australia Ltd
ACN 078 602 089
Registered Charity CFN 13789


To help people reach their full potential through the healing power of music.


Every person has the potential to respond emotionally, physically, behaviorally to music.


Being real, positive, optimistic, creative and optimistic and treating every relationship with dignity and respect.


Nordoff-Robbins transforms lives through the power of music.




Alex is 15 years old, and is diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome, a genetic condition characterised by intellectual disability, speech difficulties, jerky movements and an ever-smiling appearance. Alex originally came to Nordoff-Robbins music therapy to encourage vocalisation and to develop his speech after he expressed a desire to speak, through his iPad communication app ...

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  • I truly believe that Erin’s music therapy was responsible for the secondary of her health, physical and cognitive improvements. I have had this noted in her clinical notes and explained her therapy to the myriad of her doctors. We still have a way to go but the improvements are still happening inch by inch. If you were to meet Erin now, you may not know that she had a stroke – I attribute this to Robin’s belief and support from others at the Centre.

    Christine - Mother

  • Music Therapy has assisted my daughter enormously over the past 9 years. In a supportive environment with specialised therapists working with her, she has grown in social awareness, communication and self confidence. Through music therapy she has also been able to showcase her singing ability in a variety of settings in the community.

    Louise - Mother


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