Alex is 15 years old, and is diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome, a genetic condition characterised by intellectual disability, speech difficulties, jerky movements and an ever-smiling appearance. Alex originally came to Nordoff-Robbins music therapy to encourage vocalisation and to develop his speech after he expressed a desire to speak, through his iPad communication app ...

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  • I truly believe that Erin’s music therapy was responsible for the secondary of her health, physical and cognitive improvements. I have had this noted in her clinical notes and explained her therapy to the myriad of her doctors. We still have a way to go but the improvements are still happening inch by inch. If you were to meet Erin now, you may not know that she had a stroke – I attribute this to Robin’s belief and support from others at the Centre.

    Christine - Mother

  • Music Therapy plays a big part in my daughter's life. Ingrid's speech has greatly improved, she is singing along with the therapist, she follows instructions very well and she is able to play 3 different musical instruments at the same time. The Therapists at Nordoff-Robbins should be commended for their dedication and commitment! Thank you for your hard work and for believing in Ingrid. The best part is......the smile on Ingrid's face every time she walks in the Centre.

    Caroline - Mother


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