Music Therapy and Aged Care

Living in an Aged Care facility can be an isolating and emotionally trying experience. the power of Music Therapy to promote interactivity, social inclusion, and wellbeing can improve the quality of life for residents in care facilities.

We provide a range of programs for individuals and small-to-medium groups. We also offer larger community music groups with a general focus on participation and enjoyment. Residents enjoy a range of musical expression including:

  • Singing favourite songs
  • Learning new songs
  • Playing instruments
  • Dancing and exercising
  • Writing songs together.

Some groups enjoy a specific focus, like a choir or a ukulele band.

Our specialised aged care approach incorporates ongoing evaluation, documentation and consultation with residents and facilities to make sure our programmes continue to meet their needs.

Music Therapy and Dementia

Our favourite songs, especially the songs we sang over and over in our teens and 20s, stay with us. These songs endure, even when we struggle to engage with those around us. These familiar songs unlock memories and participants often enjoy sharing these memories with others in the group.