Community Music

At Noro, our community music programs are designed to bring people together to their support health and wellbeing. All ages and abilities are welcome, and no musical experience is required.

We believe everyone should be able to access, participate, create, and enjoy music, which is why we ensure our programs are inclusive and celebrate diversity.

Under the guidance of our team of friendly, adaptable and experienced facilitators, Noro Community Music programs provide the opportunity for participants to explore their inner musician and reach their unique potential.

Our Community music programs include:

Pre-school Music Club

A variety of musical activities are utilised to encourage early childhood development and positive child and parent / caregiver interactions.

The program also supports confident parenting and social connection in a safe and fun way with other parents / caregivers.

Primary Music Club

An inclusive group-based activity for primary school aged children with appropriate music based activities used to enhance social, emotional and physical learning.

These groups are a great way have fun, promote expression and make friends.

Adult Music Club

An inclusive group-based activity for adults with disabilities, musical activities are used to ensure participants have fun, fully participate, express themself and make friends.

We also find that these groups provide some great informal opportunities for parents and caregivers to connect with each other, with some groups actively encouraging parents and caregivers join in, providing a great opportunity for a shared experience.

Group Drumming

A physically active group-based activity where rhythm based activities are used to energise, socialise and have lots of fun.

Groups can be run as a team building activity for organisations, to assist people with mental health or children and adults with disabilities / behavioural challenges.

The physical and emotional benefits from drumming are immense.

All Abilities Choir

A group singing-based activity that’s accessible to all community members, regardless of capacity or musical ability.

Group singing is particularly good for fostering collaboration between participants, and provides a unique opportunity for families with varied abilities to participate in an activity together.

Group singing quickly forges social bonds, particularly valuable in today’s often alienating and online-centred world. There is an abundance of evidence to support the improvements in physical and emotional health that result from group singing.

Benefits of Community Music Programs


Reducing social isolation through shared musical experiences and establishing trust by working together. Connection also promotes general health and wellbeing as participants feel part of a community.


Providing an avenue for self-expression through music improves self-esteem, enabling participants to communicate their thoughts and feelings in a safe dynamic. Creativity also promotes meaningful connections to others through shared experiences.


Learning new skills through group music making builds self-awareness, confidence; and empowers and encourages further achievement.

Social and emotional learning

Working together to achieve group goals requires participants to understand and express emotions; building a deeper understanding of self and others in doing so.

Delivery modes

All of Noro’s community music programs can be delivered face-to-face, online or combination of both (where some participants are face-to-face and some connect to the group online). Our goal is for participants to be able to participate, regardless of location, transport or other restrictions that prevent them from accessing face-to-face services.