What are Group Music Programs?

Music Therapy is also highly effective in a group dynamic, using live music activities led by one or more Registered Music Therapists (RMT’s) to create an interactive, and collaborative experience. Our proven group techniques encourage individual participation, regardless of musical skill, to assist in developing social-emotional skills and encouraging friendships.

Noro Group programs are held in a shared, friendly, and supportive environment, where members can explore, create and make music, while exploring rhythm, sounds and movement.

Who can benefit from Group Music Programs?

All ages and needs-states can get benefit from group music activities. From school-age children to aged care residents, the individual needs of each participant is considered. Intergenerational programs are also available. No special musical skill is needed, just a willingness to join in and have some fun.

How will Group programs help someone reach their goals?

Music Groups help develop everyday social skills like:

  • Turn taking
  • Exploration of movement
  • Social awareness
  • Interpersonal interaction
  • Communication
  • Imitation
  • Leadership
  • Sustained joint attention
  • Independence

Group Music Programs are held at all Noro clinics

Drumming Group

Drumming Group is an energetic, interactive adult group session using djembe drumming circles and activities. A proven formula to encourage participation from all participants, regardless of musical skill, to develop social-emotional skills and encourage friendships.

Our Drumming Group is all about creating an inclusive, friendly, and supportive environment to allow members to explore, create and make music whilst exploring rhythm, sounds and movement.

Music Club

Music Club is weekly activity adult group music program focused on improving social skills and increasing participation and confidence in a group dynamic. It’s an energetic, fun experience, where enjoyment and creative participation by all club members is fostered, regardless of ability.