A Minute With Lydia

07 February 2017

Meet another member of our fabulous team - Lydia Leung

Lydia was born in Hong Kong, grew up in Singapore and as she so eloquently puts it, matured in Australia. She studied the Masters of Creative Music Therapy course in 2009 and had her clinical placement at Nordoff-Robbins. It was durng her placement that Lydia says she met the most amazing mentors here and moved on to join the team after graduating.
Why did you choose to study music therapy?

I’ve always enjoyed music and was being nudged in the direction of performance, but I always felt there’s more to music than on the stage. Having done some volunteer work at a disability service centre, I wanted to integrate music with therapeutic interventions. Paul Nordoff and Clive Robbin’s work has also inspired and influenced my decision greatly.
What is your favourite part about being an RMT?

Seeing that what is being achieved within music therapy sessions is also being brought out into our clients’ everyday lives. It’s beautiful and encouraging to think that music therapy has a lasting effect, and that we get to see a side of our clients that perhaps no one else has seen before. The best part is hearing carers/parents say things like “I have never seen her do that before”, “I didn’t think he could do that, but he did it in music therapy”, or even “music therapy is the only thing she responds to”.
Most challenging part of the job?

The unpredictability of it, which can be the best part of the job but also the most difficult. You can plan a session in your head and it all plays out perfectly, but that can all goes out the window if your client is coming off a particuarly bad day or is simply tired.
How many instruments do you play?

Piano and violin are my main ones, but I can play fundamental guitar and sing in tune...
Is there a particular instrument you want to learn and why?

The cello- there’s something about the deep resonant sound, and the huggable size, that really attracts people to it. Our centre has a pretty decent cello and our clients love it.
Most requested song by your clients?

We improvise mostly, but I get a lot of requests for The Goodbye Song right at the end, so I guess that makes it the most requested.



Music therapy is approved as an eligible therapeutic support enabling us to reach additional people with our life changing programs.

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