Noro Online

Our newest platform, Noro Online, uses interactive technology to deliver a seamless and engaging music therapy experience without a music therapist having to be physically present.

Using hi-definition, pre-packaged music therapy content delivered via quality, easy-to-use sharing platforms we can create structured, yet flexible content tailored to a client’s specific needs; and progress.

Whether it’s a one-to-one session or group program, Noro Online takes the power and benefit of music therapy to a new level, and to new audiences.

Noro Online is designed to maintain and grow the relationship clients have with their music therapist, even in situations where face-to-face access is impractical due to distance or quarantine.

Importantly, Noro Online simplifies and assists program delivery for aged care and adult disability providers and carers, so residents can continue to benefit from our therapies during the Covid-19 pandemic.

And we continue to expand the program’s content, so whatever a client’s age or circumstance, there’ll be an easily-accessed Noro Online product that’s right for them, and available to suit their schedule.