Move, Explore, Create is a program run in conjunction with childcare, long day-care centres or other early intervention services. It is inclusive of children with special needs and includes professional development workshops for parents, carers and staff.

With the knowledge that children are very receptive to music, we focus on getting children moving, exploring and creating! Whether it’s singing, drumming, playing instruments or dancing, children will discover and play while creating their own learning experience!

We offer two types of Move, Explore, Create (MEC) service packages: MEC for children (MECmusic) and MEC for educators (MECpro).

MEC for children (MECmusic)

This 10 week inclusive program consists of interactive activities using live music to promote developmental and social skills. Activities incorporate a variety of musical experiences such as singing, drumming, playing instruments and movement to encourage all aspects of child development, summarised below:

  • Development of gross and fine motor skills
  • Spatial awareness
  • Co-ordination of the left and right brain hemispheres
  • Sensory integration through playing a variety of musical instruments 
  • Development of social skills
  • Enrich cognitive and problem solving skills
  • Fostering emotional intelligence
  • Building independence and resilience
  • Lively and cognitively stimulating experiences within a group setting
  • Social skills learnt through call & response and turn-taking whilst developing speech and language skills
  • Self-regulation and cognition skills are enhanced through playing music in different ways: loud & soft, fast & slow, up high & down low
Each session lasts for 30 minutes. The group caters for 6-10 children accompanied by their educator (note, this program is inclusive of children with special needs).  

MECmusic is structured over a 10 week period, outlined below:

Week 1-5 - MECmusic program is run by a music therapist

Week 6 - Professional Development Workshop is provided for educators to build capacity and confidence in planning, organising and facilitating music activities  

Week 7-10 - Educators coordinate music with assistance and feedback from the music therapist. 

Evaluation of MEC for children (MECmusic)
Program outcomes are evaluated using pre and post behavioural assessments on each participating child. Outcomes measured include the child’s:

  • emotional regulation
  • independence
  • interaction with adults
  • interaction with other children
  • listening skills
  • participation in other centre activities
  • physical engagement and
  • self-confidence.
Assessments are easy to use and completed by the Centre Director and/or educators then analysed by Nordoff-Robbins staff.


MEC for educators (MECpro)

Building on the success of MECmusic, MECpro is a 12-week program designed to ensure the sustainability of music in organisations.

The aim of MECpro is to develop the capacity and confidence of early childhood educators to use music in their daily interactions with children including planning, organising and facilitating music activities that positively impact social, emotional and developmental needs. This service is interactive, educational and inclusive of all levels of ability.

MECpro includes:

Weekly MECmusic sessions during which the music therapist models activities, with the addition of
(1) Weekly consultation with educators. This involves dedicated 1:1 time between educators and the therapist to talk, practise and prepare materials;
(2) Two intensive workshops with educators for skill building. These workshops build staff confidence in using their voice and commonly used percussion, understanding of musical concepts, group dynamics, music & movement, sensory integration, organisation musical activities and accommodating higher support needs; and
(3) An educators’ music handbook for you to keep. Your facility will receive a complete resource kit containing audio recordings of songs and material covered in weekly sessions and workshops.
MECpro is structured and sequenced over a 12 week period, as outlined below:

At the completion of MECpro educators will gain experience in drumming and rhythmic activities, singing, simple arrangement of songs, finger plays and rhythmic chants, music activities involving props, improvisation (making things up in the moment), movement, dancing and greater engagement with children.
Some feedback from childcare educators:

“X’s interaction with adults and children has improved. Her self-confidence, communicative language and an overall participation in centre activities has risen since her time at music”

“We have seen significant improvement with X’s overall behaviour. X will participate within group times, especially when we use songs to initiate these times.”

“I’ve increased my awareness in how to engage children in music and movement activities. I feel more confident, adventurous and capable. I’ve grown professionally and observed this growth in other educators also”

“I’ve acquired skills in ukelele and other instruments. I’ve learnt to utilise songs with rhythm and beat to assist with behaviour management. This program has extended my creativity and expression.”

Program outcomes are evaluated using pre and post survey assessments. Outcomes measured relate to the confidence and capacity perceived by educators in their use of music before and after the program, including:

  • Using their voice
  • using musical instruments
  • playing with words and sounds
  • facilitating music activities
  • understanding and applying musical concepts
  • understanding and monitoring of group dynamics
  • understanding and managing sensory integration
  • using movement
  • using free and structured play
  • facilitating motor coordination
  • organising music activities and
  • accommodating special needs
The assessments are easy to use and completed by educators then analysed by Nordoff-Robbins staff.



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