Primary School Programs

We offer a range of programmes to individuals and small-medium groups in the school environment. Noro also provides whole-classroom programs focused on emotional management and expression. Students engage with broad musical expression including singing, dancing, writing songs, movement, playing instruments, and build confidence in their interactions with each other.

Music therapy in schools promotes social inclusion and wellbeing, helping children recognise, understand, communicate, and manage their emotions. It incorporates music and drama to help address the specific needs of children.

Our music therapy programs align with different Key Learning Areas within the curriculum including English, PDHPE, and Creative Arts.

Music Therapy and Mental Health in Primary Schools

Learning how to understand emotions, expressing these to classmates and adults, and regulating emotional responses are skills fundamental to a person’s well-being. Music therapy research has found that the majority of children find it easier to express emotions through music; creating a positive environment for social interaction that helps develop emotional intelligence.

School programs lead to an increase in confidence in the classroom, decrease in anxiety levels in the group, and better understanding of how others express themselves.

“I notice when people who aren’t in my grade are sad or upset, I play with them to make them feel better. I wouldn't have done this before MT classes.” – Aiden*, Stage 2 student

Noro Schools Programs


MEXA stands for Managing EXpressing emotions and Anxiety. The program focuses on concepts of Resilience, Regulating and Levels of Emotion from 1 to 10. The twenty week program moves through musical activities aimed at identifying, expressing and adjusting emotions.

Primary Music Club

This after-school music program for primary students focuses on improving social skills, participation and confidence in a group setting. Activities are fun, interactive and encourage creative expression. Music skills not required, a sense of fun is!

Noro Pre-School Programs


(Move, Explore, Create)

MECpro's inclusive program is tailored to accommodate preschool children with additional needs. The program is optimised to support individuals with autism, behavioural difficulties, and other additional needs within a group setting.

MECpro is unique in providing mentoring and guidance for early childhood professionals to impart musical and practical skills, ensuring that the benefits of music can be seen long after the program has ended. Children benefit from their carers integrating music into their daily life at preschool.

Social and communication skills can be built and fostered through musical group interaction at a crucial time in the child’s social development.

“The students have started to identify the emotions of characters in the picture books by reading facial expression and other nonverbal communication. ” – Jacquie*, Stage 1 teacher